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Four Fab Foods for Weight Management

Intelligent Gourmet Chicken Dinner

Weight management really is a mathematical equation. For woman it’s about 1200 to 1500 calories per day; for men 1800 to 2200 calories, depending on height, age, and activity level. While you can’t ever throw out calorie counting if you really want to see pounds drop, there are some foods you can have as much as you want without keeping track.

  • Non – Starchy Vegetables: Eat as many as you want in unlimited quantities (unless you are a brittle diabetic), as long as the preparation method is “clean”. No one ever got fat from a carrot or beet.
  • Boneless Skinless Poultry: One of the most versatile of all foods, chicken eaten plain, grilled, with salad and parmesan, or stir fried with fabulous red bell peppers, is a sure way to keep your energy up and lose weight.
  • Eggs, yolks and all: I am not afraid of yolks; they have great Vitamin D and Iron. Take 2 egg whites and whip with a whole egg and spinach (or other vegetables), top with 1 ounce of great natural whole cheese, and you’ve made a huge breakfast for yourself.
  • If you can’t drink enough plain water, slice up a cucumber and half a lemon and put the slices in a big pitcher with water, ice, and a few mint leaves. It’s natural flavored water that is far more refreshing, and fun!

Food for Thought: Mother (Nature) Knows Best

Mama Nature’s natural tendency come summer is to pull all the animals out of hibernation – and that includes you. As sunbathing becomes part of your daily routine, you’ll notice a natural aversion to dense and heavy foods, like stews, pot roasts, and casseroles. Trade in those winter-reminders with lots of the easily accessible fruits and veggies. Those bright berries and lush greens expedite our bodies ability to detoxify, naturally making us feel cool in the heat.

Curious as to what summer fruits and vegetables you’ll find to fill your plate? Apricots, avocados, basil, beets, blueberries, mango, peaches, plums, squash and tomatoes are just a few natural treats that will be plentiful. Imagine a simple lunch each day of fresh basil leaves and heirloom tomatoes drizzled in olive oil. Perfection. Add a sprinkle of goat cheese for a more fanciful fare.
photo by aeiowu