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It’s Breakup Time, Sugar

Sugar Loops

We have to have a talk, America. You’re infatuated.  Love-struck.  Beguiled, smitten, and enamored.  But it’s not me you’re captivated by (nice as that would be); it’s sugar. Research has shown that the average American eats as much sugar in a week as the average person living 200 years ago did in a year. That’s a heavy-duty crush you’ve got going (well, okay… that we’ve got going – I’m in love with sugar, too).

We all know that too much sugar can be unhealthy, but it’s not just our waistlines that we should be worried about. Diets rich in sugars and white flours – also called “high-glycemic” diets – can also lead to skin problems (such as breakouts, eczema, and psoriasis) as well as more serious conditions (such as type-II diabetes or heart disease). Suddenly, moving up a notch on our belt seems like the least of our worries.

So how can you eat a healthier, low-glycemic diet? Try to lower your intake of high-glycemic foods, such as fruit juices, breads, starchy foods like potatoes, and baked goods. These tend to lack fiber, fat, and protein, all of which help moderate the release of sugar into your bloodstream. Instead, eat more low-glycemic foods, such as oatmeal, beans, vegetables, and other foods with fat, fiber, and protein. Doing so will help keep your blood sugar constant throughout the day. It will also promote slow, steady digestion, so you’ll feel full for longer.

Maybe we can’t completely end our affair with sugar, but we can at least take our relationship a little slower. See other people/nutrients. For example, I think that cute avocado at the grocery store was checking you out…