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Healthy Snacks Your Kids (and their Friends) will Love: Meatballs

At Intelligent Gourmet, we’ve been catering for years and have learned to please a lot of picky palates. And not just by serving ever popular Mac’n’cheese at every meal. We’ve developed recipes that will make you as a parent jump for joy, and make your kids ask for “more vegetables please!” Maybe not in those exact words.

MeatballZ (Z is for Zucchini!)

We grind our own meat here at Intelligent Gourmet, and while the turkey, chicken, or lean beef is going through the grinding process, we often include zuchini in the mix. Not only does it serve to keep the meat juicy (so you can use extra-lean beef without it getting dry) it imparts no flavor, and is a handy, hidden vegetable. Then we add garlic, salt, pepper, and any other spices to taste. But, if you don’t have your own grinder, go ahead and buy the pre-ground meat, then grind a zuchinni in your food processor and stir in. We recommend half and half.

Then you can form meatballs, burger patties, meatloaf, stuffing for bell peppers, or anything else you can think up.

For adult variations on meatballs, try adding:

  • Feta & spinach for a Greek inspired ball. Serve with tzatziki.
  • Minced ginger, garlic, scallion, and soy sauce for an Asian inspired ball. Serve with orange sauce, teriyaki sauce, or soy sauce.
  • Minced ginger, red onion, cilantro, garlic, parsley, coconut milk, and garam masala for an Indian-inspired ball. Try serving this with mango chutney.




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