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Finding Balance – pH Balance, that is

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If you’re reading this blog, you’re into health, and that means you’ve probably heard about pH balance and alkaline diets. But do you know how it works?

Basically, an alkaline diet is one centered around fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts and legumes. Eat enough of these and you tip your body’s pH in the right direction – toward alkalinity. The idea is that disease-causing agents cannot survive in an alkaline environment – and they thrive in an acidic environment brought on by eating too much meat, white carbs, sugars, sodas, and processed foods. When you eat alkaline, you are helping your body heal itself from the inside-out – we’re talking preventing sickness, slowing the aging process, increasing longevity, looking great and feeling even better!

Sound too good to be true? Well, there’s some controversy. Doctors maintain that peoples’ blood maintains its pH no matter what they eat – which is accurate. The body is very good at maintaining stasis (one of the reasons it’s so darn hard to lose weight). Your blood has a “buffer system” in the kidneys to absorb excess acidity, but acidic foods strain that system. Acidic diets, for example, are linked with kidney stones – if you want hard evidence.

To create wellness, the human body should maintain a slightly alkaline pH balance, which ensures that there is adequate oxygen in the blood for cells to function normally. Eating too many acidic foods without balancing them with alkaline foods increases your vulnerability to disease.

You can significantly help your body to maintain optimal health by eating your vegetables, avoiding white carbs, sugars, and processed foods, and exercising. All of those things are highly recommended, not just by acidic v. alkaline dieters, but by every medical professional and dietician on the planet.

Lemon peels, photo by
Lemon peels, photo by

My 4 Favorite Alkaline Foods:
1. Limes & Lemons – You might be surprised that an inherently acidic food creates an alkaline environment in your body, but that’s exactly what citrus does. Squeeze lemon or lime juice in your water every day (but be sure to rinse your mouth since eating too much fruit acid can wear away your tooth enamel).
2. Cayenne – Spice up your life by adding a little heat from alkaline cayenne peppers.
3. Garlic – Not only is it alkaline, garlic supports cardiovascular and immune systems, lowers blood pressure, and supports liver function.
4. Root vegetables, cruciferous vegetables, and leafy greens (like spinach) – These alkaline cancer-fighters will help you feel fit and look great. Just don’t pair them with red meat and pasta.

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