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Our Ingredients


Our meats are sourced from grass-fed beef pasture-raised at a small number of family-run ranches in America. They are always antibiotic + hormone-free and selected using exacting standards.



IG uses Duroc heritage breed pork. Heritage pork is sourced from Certified Humane Red Wattle, Duroc or Six-Spotted Berkshire stock. Berkshire meat is elegant, luscious and smooth. "The Black Angus of Pork!"™All our pork is from pasture raised, hormone and antibiotic free animals. They are raised with care using traditional methods guaranteed to produce the very best tasting meat and processed at a Certified Humane facility.


IG sources locally raised poultry from a small number of family farms in Pennsylvania's lush countryside. Their leisurely lifestyle includes plenty of fresh air, an all-vegetable diet and they are always free from all antibiotics and hormones.



We work with local companies to source gulf shrimp and seafood that are sustainably caught off the American coastlines.


We source our fresh produce from the finest farmers in the Southeast to bring you the finest fresh fruits and vegetables grown under a mission of environmental stewardship and long-term sustainability.



We bake all our own gluten-free breads, desserts, biscuits, and wraps so you have the freshest experience possible. Only our pullman sourdough, and whole grain rolls are straight from Tribeca Oven who is committed to high quality, all natural bread. We pride ourselves on delivering a consistent artisan bread that is fresh-baked from the earth!*