Best Skincare Products: To Get Yourself Rid of Toxins Safely and Easily!

An Easy Solution To Rid Yourself of Toxins

by Linda Baldwin
September 15, 2017

Skincare Product Facts That You Need To Know Today


Residents of Tampa, Florida have some questions about what they can do about reducing the amount of toxins in their bodies. Many have heard that there are toxins that enter our bodies in a number of ways. What they are concerned with is how to get rid of these toxins safely and easily. This is where one should take a look at what Intelligent Gourmet has to offer for the best skincare products. 


Before you tune out thinking that you have heard this story all before, you need to stop and consider some new scientific facts that have been discovered in recent years. A lot more research has been done on toxins in the body recently, and that has caused us to know a lot more than we did before.


The Shocking Truth


The first shocking finding is that only ten percent of cancer can be completely linked to genetic factors. The remaining ninety percent comes from environmental factors. As such, we should be focusing a lot more time and energy than we are currently on those environmental factors. Battling against those factors may help bring about a great reduction in cancer in general.


A scary factor about all of this is that we may be doing it to ourselves in a way. It turns out that about one in three skincare products that we use contain ingredients linked to cancer. Of course, the best skincare products do not contain these ingredients, but there are plenty on store shelves right now that are potentially dangerous.


Nearly half of all products have ingredients that may in fact harm the reproductive system of a mother, or it could do damage to the baby that a pregnant mother is carrying. This could be a factor in the reason why more and more potential mothers are having trouble becoming pregnant in the first place.


Intelligent Gourmet wants to help those who are concerned about the toxins in their environment to only get the very best products available on the market. They look around and see what is available in the stores these days, and they are interested in providing a better solution for consumers.


Neils’s Organic Remedies: Best Skincare Products

Neils’s Organic Remedies is the company that Intelligent Gourmet wholeheartedly supports. They  have some of the best skincare products on the market when you consider safety factors. Why would you ever want to put something on your body that could contribute to cancer or other diseases forming in your body or the body of your child? If the reason you are doing this is to try to save a few dollars, you might want to consider the set of priorities that you have in your life.


Most who have used the best skincare products from this company are incredibly pleased with the results. They hear that around eighty-seven percent of the products that go into typical skincare products are not examined by any governmental agency for safety. That is a terribly scary fact about what is out in the market.


Contact Intelligent Gourmet of Tampa, FL


It is time for a change for the better when it comes to skincare products. There are just too many dangers out there with what is currently available. If you are not a person willing to take chances with your health based on their skincare products, then you need to try the products from this company. Contact Us Today! 

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