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Creative Ways of Obtaining Protein as a Vegetarian

Thinking vegetarian protein meals can get predictable if you don’t seek out help? Intelligent Gourmet in Tampa has unique ways of bringing vegetarian alternatives to meat into your meals and ensure that you enjoy delicious meals while getting healthy. As one of the best vegetarian restaurants, we know how important it is to introduce our customers to new ways of bringing protein into their diet. We have some options that you will truly enjoy and they will give you inspiration for cooking at home. Contact us at Intelligent Gourmet to learn more.


Mix Up Your Protein Sources

For many people, the idea that meat is not the only source of protein available can be a tough concept to accept. However, there is plenty of protein that exists in other sources such as nuts, seeds, beans, and legumes. In legumes and beans, you get a flavorful and hearty alternative to protein that is rich and filling while still being inexpensive. If you are comfortable with dairy and animal products, you can certainly find plenty of protein in eggs, yogurt, low-fat milk, and cheeses. Even produce can contain protein; for instance, spinach is a viable protein alternative to meat.


Bring Protein into Your Side Dishes

Many people think of their main dish as their sole source of protein, whether it has meat or not. However, your side dish is a great way to incorporate protein into your meal. Simply use beans, legumes, or greens. Even something as simple as quinoa is loaded with protein and can be incorporated easily into salads or stir-fries for a hidden dose of protein that fits seamlessly into any part of your dish.


Substitute Meat for Vegetarian Protein Meals

An easy way to keep protein in your diet while not relying on meat is utilizing soy in moderation. Make sure that it is not genetically modified—check the label to see if it says that it is “GMO free”—and stick to traditionally fermented soy products such as tofu and tempeh. Tempeh is made from soybeans that have been fermented and mixed with rice or barley. Because of the grains that are mixed into it, the tempeh has a nutty flavor and a firmer texture than tofu. It is also readily available as it is commonly used as a meat alternative.

If you are looking for vegetarian protein meals, Intelligent Gourmet is one of the best vegetarian restaurants Tampa has to offer and we can help you incorporate protein into your diet and ensure you feel better and healthier with your selections. To learn more about how to bring vegetarian protein into your diet, contact us at Intelligent Gourmet.

Be sure to also check out this article on the 12 foods that contain the highest amount of protein by Fitness Volt for a list of protein-rich foods including meat alternatives.


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Intelligent Gourmet is one of the most diverse and interesting vegetarian restaurants Tampa has to offer. We have a variety of options for you. Expand your vegetarian diet and get the results you have been wanting. Contact us at Intelligent Gourmet to learn more.

Tired of the Same Vegetarian Meals? Check Out Our Menu

Switching to vegetarian meals was most likely a smart move for your diet, but do you find it difficult to find new and exciting vegetarian options for your meals? How about restaurants with vegetarian options? Do you find that most of the restaurants you go to have an extremely slim list of options for you? Are you growing tired of the same old recipes and the same old bland tastes? If so, we have quite a surprise for you: our vegetarian food that has a twist and a kick. We call ourselves Intelligent Gourmet because we use a uniquely smart technique to come up with our products Tampa residents can trust. If you’re bored with the bland foods you currently eat, here are four reasons that you should try what we have to offer:


A True Health and Wellness Culture


We’re not just one of the vegetarian restaurants in town. We’re the best one of the vegetarian restaurants in town. We can claim ourselves as the best for several reasons. One reason is that we have a team of specially trained chefs who prepare our food. How many local restaurants have a team of chefs who put their hearts into creating an array of vegetarian masterpieces?


Another reason that we can claim the crown of vegetarian restaurants is that our food is truly vegetarian. By truly vegetarian, we mean no GMOs, no preservatives, no gluten, and no-nonsense. We’re adamant about contributing to our customers’ health and well-being.


Everything Is Fresh


Everything we serve is fresh, from the food we serve, to the way we arrange it on the plates. Our standard for quality goes far beyond that of most restaurants. Many restaurants with vegetarian options are okay with just having a “good enough” selection of foods. Our goal is to offer you heavenly servings of the food you enjoy so that you’ll come back for more. In other words; we don’t prepare mediocre meals. We cook to win you over.


Great Prices and Convenient Hours


The price is just right for your taste buds at our establishment. We always offer weekly specials so that you’ll always have access to some delicious and refreshing options. We may offer a beefless sloppy joe one week and some glazed salmon the next. Perhaps you’d like some sauteed vegetables just to get your daily nutritional dose? We have that for you, too. The amazing part about it our menu that you can place your order online and have Uber Eats deliver the food to you if you’re in the area. You never have to leave your home for even one second, and still enjoy a mouthwatering platter.


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The thing that people mainly remember when they visit us is our friendly and accepting culture. We love meeting people, serving people and sharing our lives with people. We invite you to eat healthy and smart, and we invite you to stop going to restaurants with vegetarian options and start coming to a true vegetarian restaurant that thrives in the culture. We are dedicated to your nutrition and to customer service. Check out the Intelligent Gourmet menu and stop in today and you’ll know why everyone in the Tampa area is making a fuss.

Does Vegetarian Food Help Prevent Cancer?

Are you wondering if being a vegetarian helps prevent cancer? Well, Intelligent Gourmet in Tampa, FL has many vegetarian options that may be able to work as cancer fighting foods and help you learn more about being a vegetarian to lower your risks of cancer. Finding good vegetarian restaurants is not always easy, so come see us today!


Try Cancer Fighting Foods


If cancer is a big concern for you, a plant based diet is the way to go. There are other ways to fill in the protein you miss from removing meats from your diet, and we certainly have vegetarian recipes for you to try. Plant based foods contain phytochemicals, which are the nutrients that your immune system needs to fight off diseases such as cancer. Plant based foods also contain plenty of fiber, which lowers your risk of cancer. Fiber not only keeps you feeling fuller longer, but it helps lower your cholesterol, stabilizes your blood sugar levels and manages your bowels. Eating meat does not help with any of these things.


Animal products do contain certain vitamins, such as B12, B6, and iron; however, you can get these vitamins from certain plant based foods as well. As a vegetarian you may need to put in a little more effort to make sure you are getting these vitamins in your daily diet, but it is not impossible to find them in other foods rather than just meats. Trust your gut and stay healthy while eating the foods you enjoy and reducing your risk of cancer. Cancer fighting foods are out there and Intelligent Gourmet has the recipes you want to try.  


Keeping up with a vegetarian diet is important for many health reasons, as well as showing how important it is for yourself. Once you have decided something is for you, stick with it and believe that your body deserves to be treated right. Believe that no diseases are going to come in the way of you and the cancer fighting foods you are feeding it!

Are You Looking for Vegetarian Restaurants?


Intelligent Gourmet is the place you should try. We have many vegetarian options that just might work for the cancer fighting foods you are looking for. Check out our menu online or come into our restaurant to take a look at all we have to offer. We have something for everyone, and cancer fighting foods can be hard to find on a vegetarian diet. Stop in to try some of our favorites and we will help you find just the right meal you have been looking forward to tasting. All our food is fresh, prepared daily in-house. We take pride in making sure all of our customers get exactly what they want, just the way they like it. You can order online and pick up your food or come in to dine with us here, whatever is most convenient for you. We love meeting new customers and seeing familiar faces everyday.  


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If you are curious about cancer fighting foods and starting a vegetarian diet, Intelligent Gourmet in Tampa, FL is the restaurant you need to try, so visit us today! There are many vegetarian restaurants out there; however, there aren’t many local ones where you can get exactly what you want, just the way you want it.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Vegetarian Diet

Do you want to be in the know about the most common frequently asked questions about the vegetarian diet? Intelligent Gourmet in Tampa, FL has many recipes for you to try and can answer any other questions or concerns you have, just let us know how we can help. Finding vegetarian food near me is right in front of you, come give our restaurant a try today.


Be in the Know About Your Vegetarian Diet, Ask Questions!


What does it mean to be on a vegetarian diet?

Vegetarian simply means a plant based diet. There a several kinds of vegetarian diets, defined by the different kinds of food that are consumed. A strict vegetarian avoids all foods of the animal origin, including meat, poultry, fish, dairy and eggs.


Is a vegetarian diet the healthiest way to eat?

Yes and no. Being a vegetarian is a good way to stay healthy, for the general rules of a nutritionally balanced diet, allowing you to get the nutrients from vegetables that you miss from giving up animal foods. It is important to learn about being a vegetarian and know all your dietary needs before fully committing.


Does it cost more or less money to be a vegetarian?

Most vegetarian foods are actually cheaper. You are eating vegetables and healthy choices instead of fast food and junk. When you shop right and prepare most of your own meals you can eat for a decent price as a vegetarian.


Does a vegetarian diet get enough protein?

If you do not completely cut dairy, fish, and or eggs out of your diet, you will get plenty of protein in your diet. There are ways to provide a healthy diet as a vegetarian you just have to stay on top of the things you can eat in your diet.


Are vegetarians healthier in the long-run?

Yes! Plant eaters tend to live longer and healthier lives because they cut out the bad parts of their diets, such as meats. They have lower chances of getting certain diseases such as cancer and tend to have been vision. Over all vegetarians are leaner and live a healthy lifestyle compared to others.  


Important Reasons to Find Vegetarian Food Near Me


  1. Vegetarian food is naturally low in saturated fats and foods of plant origin contain little to no cholesterol. 
  2. Plant foods are high in fiber. 
  3. Many plant foods contain significant amounts of vital B-vitamins and folic-acid. And fruits and vegetables are powerful sources of phytochemicals. Nutrients that help every organ of your body work better. 
  4. Vegetarians eat fewer calories, since grains, legumes, fruits and vegetables. It is about volume for volume, studies have shown that as long as you have a balanced diet and nutrition, even when you consume fewer calories you can live a longer and healthier life.


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If you are a vegetarian, or considering becoming one and have been searching for vegetarian food near me, Intelligent Gourmet in Tampa, FL is the place for you. Ask all the questions you can about a vegetarian diet and try our recipes to be sure we have something you would like! Being a vegetarian is not always simple, but it is a great lifestyle to live by.  


5 Meal Ideas For Vegetarian Food Near Me

Intelligent Gourmet located in Tampa, FL offers a number of Vegetarian options. We believe in eating fresh and being happy. Our restaurant has been rated one of top Vegetarian restaurants in the Tampa area and we take pride in the fact that all our products are organic and made fresh daily. We have the option for you to come in and dine in as well as ordering online and getting your food delivered to you. Vegetarian food near me has never been so easy to find because Intelligent Gourmet has everything you could want and more!

Recipes to Try!
Vegetarian who’s looking for somewhere new to try with great food, stop in Intelligent Gourmet today and try one or all of these amazing vegetarian recipes:

Italian Style stuffed Peppers
Organic bell peppers, stuffed with organic rice & bean blend , saporito tomato sauces, organic herbs & spices, served with sauted spinach

Coconut Curry
Organic Seasonal Vegetables, coconut milk, organic sweet potatoes, red curry paste, organic vegetable broth – can add tofu-

Zucchini Pesto Pasta
Fresh Zoodles are tossed with chopped walnuts & grape tomatoes, then finished with our garlicky pesto made with with fresh herbs & nutritional yeast.

Kale & White Bean Stew
Organic Veggie Broth, Organic lentils, organic fire roasted tomato, organic kale.

Vietnamese Fresh Rolls
2 rolls- organic carrots, zucchini, sweet red bell pepper, organic mint, organic cilantro, spicy dipping sauce – can add tofu-

Vegetarian Food Near Me

Finding vegetarian food near me is not the problem, it is finding good vegetarian food, or options. So many times restaurants will have one vegetarian option or be able to remove the meat from a meal that is already prepared which is not the same. Good Vegetarian Food near me, you say? You will not be disappointed with Intelligent Gourmet in Tampa, FL! If you are vegetarian and have a problem with eating out, and finding the right places for you, this is the place to try for sure. We have so many options and if you do not see something you like, we will make something you will like. We make it happen. Intelligent Gourmet will not let you down.

Being able to go to a place that offers meals with no meal is great. Making the choice to become vegetarian is not easy, so knowing there is a place that accepts that is nice. Sometimes cooking at home is just easier, however, on nights when I am running late from work, or forgot my lunch- it is good to know there is somewhere i can go and get a vegetarian meal and not feel like i am cheating myself. I can stay on track and feel good and being a vegetarian. Having vegetarian food near me is such a great thing and trying Intelligent Gourmet will be even better! Trying something new is always exciting and may become a new favorite.

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So happy there is Vegetarian food near me in Tampa, FL. Intelligent Gourmet will become a normal weekly visit for sure! Give us a call 813.605.1297, check out our website, or stop in.

Great Sources of Protein For Vegetarians

Intelligent Gourmet

Here at Intelligent Gourmet we have a create menu that changes weekly. We offer organic foods and fresh juices, which most people like to call healthy fast food! How we work: First, you choose from our specials or create your own favorite meal. Second, get it how you want it, paleo, vegan, vegetarian, low carb, dairy and gluten free. Third, you get your delicious food. We make it possible for quick and easy service. You can order online and pick up your food, as well as having it delivered to you! If you are looking for a new place to try vegetarian food, please stop into Intelligent Gourmet. We guarantee you will not be disappointed! Eating healthy is easier and can be just as quick as stopping anywhere else for food if you know what to order.


Vegetarian Food Near Me in Tampa, FL

Vegetarian food is becoming more and more popular it seems. It is a good thing that people are trying to eat healthier and may be trying new things; however, they need places to find such foods. We take pride in the fact that all our products are fresh and made in house daily. Intelligent Gourmet in Tampa FL, is just the place you have been searching for. We believe that health and flavor are equally important. We succeed in both!  


2 Vegetarian Food Options we offer:

EggPlant Stack- crispy eggplant, vegan pesto, grilled zucchini, tomato sauce, finished with a dusting of nutritional yeast. Vegan, DF


Vegan Burger- a blend of 11 different veggies into a patty makes for a great source of protein and fiber. Topped with red onion, avocado, arugula, and cashew remoulade. Vegan, DF.


These are just a couple of our favorite items! We offer much more and can make anything from the menu into what you would like it to be. Vegetarian food can be hard to find so why not try a place that has options already available for you. Intelligent Gourmet is known as one of the best vegetarian restaurants in the Tampa FL area. An everyday struggle is figuring out what we are in the mood to eat. That is why it is nice to walk into a place like Intelligent Gourmet and have so many healthy options to choose from and try something different each time. Having a healthy diet and staying on top of what you eat is super important, especially when you have chosen such a specific diet as being a vegetarian. Vegetarians tend to have limited choices sometimes because restaurants do not think to include items on their menu that are meatless; so when vegetarians find somewhere that offer many options it is hard to turn them down. It is a must try and will most likely become a weekly favorite.

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If you are convinced and ready to stop into Intelligent Gourmet in Tampa FL, try some of our Vegetarian Food options or check out our website. We look forward to seeing you!

Things To Know When Converting To A Vegetarian Diet

Whether you’ve decided to convert to being a vegetarian for health or for ethical reasons, the fact is that you must transition and adjust to your new lifestyle. Follow these tips to make the transition as smooth as possible for you.


Go Slow


Complete the switch your way. Don’t feel that you need to cut everything out completely right away if you don’t think you can stop eating all types of meat at once. Try cutting out all red meat at first and once you feel comfortable without it, then eliminate fish and poultry.


Learn the nutritional requirements


You’ll need to make up for the nutrients that you aren’t getting from meat by eating other foods rich in these vitamins and minerals. The main ones to focus on are zinc, B12 and omega-3 fatty acids, but you can still get these from other sources. Many people worry about getting enough protein, but it’s primarily a matter of learning which foods are packed with it to ensure you’re enriching your diet with them.


Eat more


Eating more plant-based foods is beneficial to your health and can contribute to weight loss, but this doesn’t mean that you have to starve yourself in the process. You’ll need to replace the meat you were eating with other healthy foods that still fill you up and don’t make you feel drained. Common staples in a vegetarian diet include beans, rice, grains, vegetables, and fruit. You might need to eat larger portions than you used to. Stock up on foods in the produce section and keep healthy snacks, such as nuts or fruit, around so you can grab a snack if you need a quick pick me up.


Look up recipes


You’re going into new territory by cutting such a large number of foods out of your diet, but this doesn’t mean you’re limited to eating fruits, vegetables, and salads exclusively. Look up a few vegetarian recipes and try making a few simple ones to grasp the basics of cooking as a vegetarian. Seek substitutions for meat products so you can still make your favorite dishes and don’t need to feel deprived. Get some ideas from visiting vegetarian restaurants in Tampa and trying out different dishes which you can emulate at home.


Staying on the path


Support is an important aspect of staying on a vegetarian diet. Let those close to you that you’ve made the switch so they can ensure you have options when it comes to get-togethers. Don’t be afraid to ask when going out to eat at one of the non-vegetarian restaurants in Tampa about the options available to you. They know the ingredients in each dish and which ones are definitely suitable for your eating habits.


Come Into Intelligent Gourmet Today!


Transitioning to a vegetarian diet is a big decision for your health and lifestyle. You’re going to be eating things you’ve never heard or thought of before and experience all sorts of new tastes.Intelligent Gourmet makes the process stress free and easy with our large selection of vegetarian meal options and snacks at our restaurant. Contact us today!

Why Intelligent Gourmet is One of the Top Vegetarian Restaurants in Tampa

The main reason why Intelligent Gourmet, at 4245 Henderson Boulevard, is so highly-rated and reputable among the vegetarian restaurants in Tampa is their Founder and Creator, Linda Baldwin. She has followed the traditions, culture, and heritage of her large New Jersey Italian family with sharing the delicious and nutritious recipes that prove that food is love and love is in food. Their motto is “If you eat better, you will feel better, and live better.”

Linda, along with her mother and aunts, would get fresh meats from the local butcher and fresh produce from the local market, clip recipes from the NY Times, sort through their own recipes and plan their weekly meals.

Linda has spent her entire life seeking the education and training that allows her to bring smart nutrition to the table. She trained at the Institute of Integrative Health and Nutrition under world-renowned medical experts such as Deepak Chopra, Dr. Mehmet Oz, and Mark Hyman and earned her certification as a Holistic Health Coach.

Health Coaches address the whole person and not just what to eat and what not to eat. They have a desire to make a difference in people’s lives and inspire them to grow habits that will result in their well-being. They learn specific protocols for blood sugar, diabetes, hormones, weight loss, digestion, fertility and more. They are thoroughly taught about nutrition plus the art and science of habit change so that their clients get real and lasting results.

Also being a certified plant-based chef, Linda added innovative culinary creations to the classic foods at Intelligent Gourmet, her casual and relaxing of vegetarian restaurants in Tampa, which is Tampa’s first prepared meal and juice distillery. She and her creative team of chefs have developed recipes from scratch with ingredients that are organic, all-natural, whole foods, unprocessed, fresh and never frozen, non-GMO verified, preservative-free, nitrate-free, antibiotic free, low in carbohydrates, and gluten free. Customers can enjoy a menu full of fresh ingredients and flavor in precisely prepared food that also has quality nutrition in each bite of the flavorful cuisine. The belief is that carbs and calories just need to be balanced properly to aid you in being energetic all through the day and look fantastic.

A certified plant-based chef has the key to health and longevity and emphasizes why following a plant-based diet and lifestyle is optimal for health. That includes diminishing chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer with their prevention and reversal, and health care costs can steadily decrease.

Vegetarian cuisine is based on food that meets standards that do not include meat and animal tissue products. For lacto-ovo vegetarianism, which is the most common type in the Western world, eggs and dairy products such as cheese and milk are permitted. Traditional foods that are vegetarian are grains, cereals, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and legumes. Soy products like tofu and tempeh are common protein sources. Textured vegetable protein (TVP) from defatted soy flour is often substituted in burger and chili recipes in place of ground meat.

You can enjoy Intelligent Gourmet’s healthy and unique creations being they are one of the top vegetarian restaurants in Tampa. Stop by on your way home to pick up dinner, order it online and have it delivered, or take part in one of their subscription plans.