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Is a Vegetarian Diet Environmentally Friendly?

If you have been thinking about the benefits of being vegetarian, you may have thought about the health benefits. However, Intelligent Gourmet in Tampa is the first to know that not all the benefits of being vegetarian are health related. We know how important it is to make sure that the food that you are putting in your body is good for you and the environment; that is why we offer vegetarian options so that you can find the diet that is right for you. Contact us at Intelligent Gourmet in Tampa to learn more about our food and stop searching for “vegetarian food near me.”

Benefits of Being Vegetarian


Many of those who have made the switch over to becoming vegetarian are quick to point out all of the health benefits, and they are often well informed about the different ways that becoming vegetarian can immediately improve the state of your health as well as provide long term health benefits. However, many are surprised to discover the various environmental benefits to being a vegetarian. There are a wide array of benefits to be considered:


  •       Lower Methane Emissions: Each cow on a farm releases methane as a result of their digestion process and the fact that their food travels through four stomachs. Because of this, each cow and other four-stomached animals can have a serious impact on the environment—very closely comparable to the emissions from a car.


  •       Fewer Cleared Plots of Land: The more grazing animals there are, the larger the need is for more fields available for them to graze on. This means that there is more land devoted to feeding animals than there is to growing trees which can be used to clean the air.


  •       Better Distribution of Resources: The fact of the matter is that we have finite resources on our planet. If a good portion of our water is being used to feed cows and another good portion of our plants and greenery is being used for these same animals, then that is less food available to everyone. 

Where to Find “Vegetarian Food Near Me”


The benefits of being vegetarian are many, and do not just include health benefits. By finding the right vegetarian food, you can begin the journey toward having a healthier body and living in a better environment.

At Intelligent Gourmet, we focus on vegetarian foods to provide you with the highest quality foods and the best chance for helping the environment as well as your body. If you would like to learn more about our foods and how a vegetarian diet could help the environment, contact us at Intelligent Gourmet today or visit us to see what we have in stock for you.


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If you have been looking for “vegetarian food near me,” Intelligent Gourmet is your resource. With our grand selection of vegetarian options, you are certain to find the one that is right for you. Contact us at Intelligent Gourmet in Tampa to learn more.

Recently Turned Vegetarian? We Are the Hot Spot for You!

Good vegetarian meals can make a difference to someone who is making the shift over to a vegetarian diet. At Intelligent Gourmet in Tampa, we know how to make great vegetarian meals possible for you. Especially at the start of a vegetarian diet, it is critical to make sure that you have good food available to you so that the transition can be made more easily. Rather than wasting your time searching “vegetarian food near me,” simply contact Intelligent Gourmet or drop by to see what delicious juices and organic foods we have available.


Making the Transition


Making the transition over to a vegetarian diet is much easier than many people believe. There is a false belief that vegetarian food is not filling, not rich in flavor, or that it can be difficult to accustom your body to the change, but none of this is true. A vegetarian diet is not only safe and soothing for the body, it is also completely capable of filling you up without unnecessary added calories that can come from processed foods and excess oils. Vegetarian diets are also wide with variety, meaning that anyone can find something that will suit their palate.

When you are making the shift over, you may want to turn to meat substitutes that can make up for the lack of meat that you are suddenly facing. You will find eventually, however, that those substitutes are no longer necessary. This is because your body readily adapts to a vegetarian diet and you become accustomed to craving the vegetables that are now a key aspect of your diet.

The benefits of a vegetarian diet are extensive, but if you have already made the decision to make the switch then it is likely that you already know all the many benefits yourself. However, vegetarian food provides significant benefits beyond those that help your body. It can also make a serious impact in the environment and provide long-lasting benefits on our resources on the planet.


Do You Want Good Vegetarian Meals?


Good vegetarian meals do not have to be handmade in your home. There are ways to have good vegetarian meals made available to you so that you do not have to spend extensive periods of time cooking or searching for the right ingredients.

In Tampa, there is a restaurant that provides delicious vegetarian meals so that you do not have to worry about the sources for your ingredients and you can get the rich, vibrant foods that make your diet more exciting. If you would like to learn more, contact us at Intelligent Gourmet and stop searching “vegetarian food near me.”


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When you are searching “vegetarian food near me,” you can find yourself skeptical of the results. Thankfully, Intelligent Gourmet is there for you. We provide delicious vegetarian meals that can help fill you up and convince you of your new vegetarian diet. If you are interested in learning more, contact us at Intelligent Gourmet.

Looking for a Place with Vegetarian Options?

Have you been searching for restaurants with vegetarian options to meet your diet needs? Well, the search is over for “vegetarian food near me” when you come into Intelligent Gourmet in Tampa, FL to try some of the best vegetarian food you have ever had.

Restaurants With Vegetarian Options For You To Try


When you come into Intelligent Gourmet, you will eat better, feel better, and live better when you trust our vegetarian food options to incorporate into your diet. Take a look at a few of our favorite recipes:


Cajun Dusted Salmon with Remoulade

This rich salmon is seared in a cajun-inspired spice blend, then paired with creamy remoulade a classic french sauce that gets its pop of brininess from capers and chopped pickles. Sautéed greens with corn and red onion as the perfect compliment to finish off the dish.


Fresh Feast Vegetarian Focaccia Sandwich

With this sandwich you will taste focaccia, fire roasted-red pepper hummus, cucumber, roasted red pepper slices, and feta cheese.


Sunrise Bowl

Start your day off right with our organic sautéed greens, two cage free eggs over-easy, and non-GMO verified brown rice infused with veggies.


Breakfast Tacos

3 corn tortillas, cage free scrambled eggs, corn and black bean salsa, with cabbage garnish. Offered with a side of hot sauce, if you would like.


Mc Bitty’s Black Bean Burgers

Our black bean burgers are mixed with a number of fresh veggies, spices, a whole grain bun, sweet potato fries, and spicy ketchup.

Finding The Right Vegetarian Food Near Me


With any of these recipes you are getting nutrients and good flavors, and you get to stick to your very healthy vegetarian diet. Once you make a commitment, it is very important to stick to it. Our “vegetarian food near me” is right for you if you give us a chance and try our recipes. We can help you find a taste you enjoy or create something that you are craving to meet all your taste buds’ needs. We like to make our customers happy and ensure that our food brings their bodies the happiness they deserve. Let us show you how great our food products are and make you want to come back for more. When you find yourself searching for restaurants with vegetarian options, choose us and make the right decision to give your body what it deserves.


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If you have been looking for just the right vegetarian food near me, stop in or check out our menu online at Intelligent Gourmet to place your order today. Finding the right restaurants with vegetarian options you enjoy in Tampa, FL can be a challenge, but trust us to have something you will enjoy. Let us help you stick to your diet and open up your options all at the same time. It is possible to enjoy what you eat and live a healthy lifestyle because of it. Let us help you achieve your goals and show you some awesome vegetarian recipes.