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What Are Hyppo Popsicles? What Do They Do?

Hyppo popsicles are the creation of entrepreneur Stephen DiMare who opened a humble little ice pop stand in historic downtown Saint Augustine, Florida in 2010.

His idea was to improve the age-old popsicle by creating unique flavors using local-in-season fresh produce, fruit, and herbs in delightful combinations. For popsicle lovers who had grown up with the traditional flavored ice pop treats sold by the Good Humor man, Hyppo popsicles were an instant hit. Instead of the standard strawberry, grape and similar flavors, suddenly Cucumber Lemon and Melon and Crackled Pepper flavored ice pops were available.

In much the same manner that Ben and Jerry brought excitement to the ice cream world with wild new flavors labeled with catchy and humorous names, DiMare has done the same with the ice pop industry. Where else can you buy an “Elvis” popsicle (peanut butter, honey, and banana) except from a Hyppo stand?

The Hyppo popsicles make for delightful all-natural ice pops containing everything under the sun. With over 450 flavors already created and tested, the unique Hyppo brand is still going stronger than ever.

Their Gourmet Ice Pops are all natural with no preservatives or coloring. And of course, Hyppo uses only non-GMO and rBST free dairy ingredients.

Where Did the Name Hyppo come from?

Saint Augustine is the home base of the Hyppo brand popsicle. The city was named after Saint Augustine because it was founded on the day of the Feast of Saint Augustine of Hippo in 1665. It seemed only natural for DiMare to incorporate the hometown name into his revolutionary new product. That’s how Hyppo with a “Y” instead of an “I” became the trademark name.

To bolster that concept, their flagship store is located on Hypolita Street to make sure everyone knows they are 100% home-grown.

Where Can You Buy Hyppo Popsicles?

Intelligent Gourmet is proud to offer hyppo popsicles here in Tampa, FL. The acceptance of Hyppo products by Intelligent Gourmet was a welcome vote of confidence by DiMare.

Numerous other stores in Georgia and North Carolne are Hyppo “pop stores” that carry Hyppo popsicles.

Recently, the first Hyppo Popsicle truck was introduced to travel around Florida to bring the icy treats to public gatherings like carnivals, races, and sporting events.

Hyppo gourmet Popsicles can also be ordered on-line for delivery anywhere in the United States. The frozen treats are shipped in Styrofoam chests with dry ice in minimum lots of 27 ice pops.

Come by Intelligent Gourmet today to try some of the delicious flavors of Hyppo Popsicles.